‘Neighbour from hell’ harassed nan by putting washing machine on constant cycle


A woman harassed a gran by putting her washing machine on a constant spin cycle at all hours.

Iqra Malik, 44, also called her neighbour Ms Anne-Marie Cole a “paedophile” in front of her grandkids as part of a shocking tirade of abuse.

The “malicious” campaign of harassment had been ongoing since 2018 and eventually forced the grandmother from Islington, London to find somewhere else to live.

Ms Cole’s mental strain from Malik’s abuse left her without a job and with damaged relationships due to the emotional and psychological stress caused, MyLondon reports.

Malik was handed a suspended 12-week sentence at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and will also be subject to a restraining order.

Highbury Magistrates Court Highbury Corner London Borough of Islington
Malik was sentenced at Highbury Magistrates Court

The court heard that for over two years, she had screamed abuse at the victim on several occasions, called her a paedophile in front of her young grandchildren and filmed her on her phone without permission.

She also made “unsubstantiated allegations” to the police about Ms Cole, sent her letters and put her washing machine on continuous spinning mode during the early hours of the morning.

Several victim impact statements were read aloud from Ms Cole, who spoke about the deep-lasting impact this harassment had had on her mental health and her relationships.

Her lawyer told the court that her routine had “completely changed” after she was forced to relocate, and no longer invited her grandchildren and family around to her home.

It had also caused the breakdown of her relationship with her partner and left her feeling “overwhelmed and depressed”.

She continued: “I feel isolated and I sometimes have nothing positive to say. It’s been a long journey getting over this, I’m so anxious.”

Her defence lawyer, Emily Mattin, told the court that she suffered with mental health issues and that a custodial sentence would have a “prolonged, substantial impact” on her wellbeing. She is also due to move to a different borough in four weeks in order to receive treatment for knee surgery and to be close to other family members.

Iqra Malik has now been handed a 12-week sentence, suspended for the next 12 months. She must also adhere to a strict restraining order and she must not use her washing machine between the hours of 12am until 8am.

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