Neighbours Robinson kids now – Hollywood, Vinnie Jones link and Ramsay Street return


There are many iconic characters associated with Neighbours – from Harold and Madge to Lou Carpenter and couple Karl and Susan Kennedy, but one that always comes to viewers’ minds is Paul Robinson.

Stefan Dennis portrays Paul Robinson. He is Ramsay Street’s longest resident and has been a regular on the soap’s first episode.

Since then, the Robinson family has expanded with Leo Tanaka and David Tanaka becoming children and Harlow Robinson, a granddaughter of Jason Donovan. Jemma Donovan joined the series in recent seasons.

Paul’s relationship has not always been straightforward with his children. We look at where the actors portraying the Robinson kids are now.

Cameron Robinson / Robert Robinson – Adam Hunter

Adam Hunter played Cameron and Robert Robinson in Neighbours
Neighbours: Cameron and Robert Robinson were played in Neighbours by Adam Hunter

Cameron and Robert Robinson, together with Elle Robinson, are triplets. Adam Hunter played the identical brothers.

Cameron and Robert were unable to tell their father apart. Robert made a sinister plot to murder Paul Robinson in 2006 by pretending to be Cameron.

He was stopped by the police just before he started his sinister plot.

Adam Hunter returned as Robert Robinson in 2019
In 2019, Adam Hunter was back as Robert Robinson

After Robert was captured, it all looked good for the Robinson family, but Cameron was tragically killed when Max Hoyland hit his car with his car in 2006.

When asked about his favorite brother, Adam Hunter replied Digital Spy. “I had more fun playing Robert and the writers had more fun writing him.”

Adam shared his thoughts on working with Stefan Dennis in 2019, when Robert Robinson was back. “He’s brilliant. He’s got a heart of gold and I loved every minute of working with him again.”

Adam continues to act as an actor. He was most recently seen in productions such as Wolfpack of Reseda, a television series in 2016, and the short film 2 birds and one Wrench, which won an award in 2014.

Elle Robinson – Pippa Black

Pippa Black played Elle Robinson from 2005-2009
From 2005 to 2009, Pippa Black was Elle Robinson’s actress.

Elle Robinson was one of the three children born to Paul Robinson and Gail Robinson.

Pippa left the role of Robert Robinson in 2009. She made a brief appearance on Neighbours in 2019.

She has remained in our screens since then, having played a number of leading roles including Tonya in Outsourced from 2010 – 2011. And most recently, she completed Hypnotised opposite Vinnie Jones.

Andrew Robinson – Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith was the second actor to play Andrew Robinson in Neighbours
Jordan Smith was the second actor who played Andrew Robinson in Neighbours

Andrew Robinson was first introduced to viewers on November 13, 1991. He was played by Shannon Holmes up until 1992 when the character was retired.

Like most Paul Robinson’s children, he returned quickly and, in 2009, Andrew, a teenager, returned to Ramsay Street.

He was involved in several storylines during his time on the soap. This included a relationship with Donna Freedman (played by Margot Robbie), who would go on to become a Hollywood starlet.

However, his career could have been completely different as before moving to Brisbane at age 13, he played football for Dunfermline’s youth academy, in his hometown of Fife, Scotland.

Andrew has been a part of many Hollywood productions, including the TV series Vikings where he plays Ubbe.

Amy Williams – Nicolette Minster / Sheridan Compagnino / Zoe Cramond

Zoe Cramond is the third actress to play Amy Williams
Zoe Cramond plays Amy Williams.

Amy Williams is Paul Robinson’s eldest child. She was initially played by Nicolette minster. Sheridan Compagnino assumed the role in eight episodes of 1992.

Sheridan played a number roles on TV, such as Spencer in Kelly in 1992 and Blue Heelers in 1995-1998. However, there are no other acting roles for the actress.

Zoe Cramond was appointed to the role after Amy Williams’s return to Erinsborough from Neighbours in 2015. However, she left in 2019 to be with Jimmy.

Acting is her passion and she was last seen in The Secrets She Keeps, a TV movie, in 2021.