Neil Patrick Harris’ Husband Allegedly Upset Over ‘Highly Flirtatious’Behavior with Anonymous Source Says, Co-Star


Is it? Neil Patrick Harris‘ marriage in crisis after he hit it off with his new co-star. One tabloid claims Harris’ husband, David BurtkaIs. “wild with jealousy.” Here’s what we know about this alleged love triangle.

Neil Patrick Harris In ‘Marital Mess’?

The November issue of the National Enquirer According to reports, Neil Patrick Harris was becoming too intimate with his new star, Tuc Watkins. Apparently, as soon as Watkins joined the cast of Harris’ new Netflix comedy UncoupledDavid Burtka quickly grew territorial and he was soon able to dominate his husband. “He trusts Neil implicitly, or so he says, but the idea of him doing intimate scenes with Tuc is his worst nightmare!”A tipster is trustworthy.

And sources say this isn’t the first time jealousy has wedged its way between Harris and Burtka. Both Harris and Burtka appear to be a bit jealous. “highly flirtatious” and they’ve been known to stray “when their 17-year relationship bogs down,” insiders reveal. Sources say that despite the past, they are confident about the future. “their love isn’t in question right now,” “David needs to chill!”

David Burtka ‘Wild With Jealousy’?

This has to be one of the laziest stories we’ve reported on. The bulk of this article is just talking about how both Harris and Watkins are gay, so obviously Burtka has to be jealous that they’re working together. Even the smallest amount research can disprove this theory. First, Watkins is in a serious relationship ever since 2019 with actor Andrew Rannells. Since Watkins is clearly spoken for, there’s obviously no need to worry about him making any moves on Harris.

But if there were still any doubts about Burtka and Harris’ dedication to one another, a cursory glance at their Instagram profiles would surely settle things. Judging from their social media presence, it’s obvious that they absolutely adore each other. Here’s one photo of them cooking together, posted shortly before this article was published.

And more recently, the couple posted an adorable photo together for Valentine’s Day, proving that after 17 years together, they’re still just in love as ever.

The Tabloid About Jealous Spouses

Of course, Harris and Burtka aren’t the only couples to get this treatment from the National Enquirer. Back in 2020, the outlet claimed Eva Mendes was fuming with jealousy over Ryan Gosling’s “attractive co-stars.” Then the magazine reported Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend was jealous of her working with Brad Pitt. And more recently, the publication alleged Keith Urban was furious over Nicole Kidman’s “special bond”With her co-star. Naturally, she was joined by her co-star. National Enquirer thinks that jealousy is a given within any actor’s relationship.

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