Neil Young Holds Seven U.S. Patents


Neil YoungIt is a legend among legends. The “Harvest Moon” singer is an innovator with a guitar, but he’s also literally an innovator. Young is the inventor of multiple patents related to his non-musical hobby.

Model Train Expert And Benefactor

Young is a huge fan of model trains. Like, he’s a huge fan of them. The “Give Me Strength” singer was an owner of Lionel, LLC, one of America’s foremost importers of toy trains and model railroads. Young A lot of money was lost by investing in model trains especially after Lionel went bankrupt in 2007, but he’s still on the board to this day.

A 2012 interview with the New York TimesYoung went into detail about what might be called an obsession. Young and his friends used cocaine to get high and to tinker with model railroads. He owned a 3000-square-foot model-train barn. “I am the Wizard of Oz in here. I can make anything happen because I know how it all works. Music is math,” Young said. 

The model-train barn also has two full-size rail cars. Young’s got a passion for cars and audio quality as well.

Holds Multiple Patents

Neil Young is so devoted to model trains that he’s got seven patents related to them. That’s right: Young pretty much moonlights as an inventor. He developed a control signal system that could be used to operate. Multiple trains at once. Another one is used Electromagnetic fieldto control trains. Other patents that are relevant Realistic sound generation. Young doesn’t want to watch a field grow around him. Young is passionate about what he does.

In another TimesInterview from 2006. Young talked about sound. “Realism is the byword…it’s a heavy thing moving down a track, like a real thing even though it’s a miniature.” He’s got a real passion for this and isn’t content to be a bystander. Stop Making SenseDirector Jonathan Demme described Young as an actor with a lot of energy. “I worry about global warming…but I’m not out there meeting with scientists and funding research [like Young is].”

Other Patent Holding Stars

If you go digging, you’ll find that numerous surprising celebrities hold patents. The music video “Smooth Criminal” would be nothing without Jackson’s iconic lean. Jackson was able to pull off the trick using a shoe specially made for this purpose. It is patentable. He was a true inventor. Paula Abdul, Prince and Paula Abdul also have patents.

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