NeNe Leakes’ 23 Year-Old Son Brentt Suffers Heart Attack and Stroke


Brentt, NeNe’s youngest son, is now in recovery following his hospitalization last month. The following was posted by the Instagram Story Monday: Real Housewives of AtlantaAlum disclosed that her 23 year-old son had suffered a stroke and congestive heart disease in September.

Leakes stated that her son’s health scare started. “two weeks ago”When “Brentt had congestive heart failure and a stroke.”Reality star at 54 years old, she noted that her son was “only 23. He’s really young for something like that to happen to him.”Leakes also said “this is not the way I wanted it to come out”They “wanted to be able to talk about it ourself when Brentt was in a better place,”She explained that she “would rather the correct thing be out there than something that’s not correct.”

Leakes later shared the news that her son had been “struggling with speaking”However, it has “shown some improvement, and we’re really happy and blessed for that”Even better! “FaceTimed me this morning. He’s in good spirits.”Leakes said that her son isn’t a drinker or a drug user. Although doctors initially believed Brennt had contracted COVID-19 at first, Brennt, now 23, did not remember ever suffering from the illness. It has been linked with heart problems. A recent report by the CDC. Leakes also stated that doctors “have run a number of tests on him to see what could have possibly made this happen to him. We are still trying to figure it out, because if we knew the cause, obviously we could treat the cause.”Leakes stated that doctors are looking at whether Brentt’s recent health issues may be due to a genetic condition. Leakes was previously treated with blood clots in her lungs in 2013. Her son has also been stressed in recent weeks, Leakes said.

“One of the things I do know, Brentt was very stressed out in the month of September because that was the one-year anniversary for the passing of his dad,”She spoke in reference to Gregg Leakes her husband who died from colon cancer at the age of 66. “He was very close to his dad and he’s been super stressed out over it. And I don’t even know if that has anything to do with it at all.”

Leakes stated that she wouldn’t go into details about how she discovered the information about her son. “serious”Health situation, but called it a “very scary thing”We asked our fans to “keep us in your prayers.”The reality star revealed that their family business, Linnethia Lounge (which Brentt owns in Duluth Georgia), may see some changes due to her son’s recent health scare. Leakes stated that the business is still accessible during normal hours, but that it was his pride of joy. It was a passion for him.” she revealed that it’s “Very possible” they will sell the business. Leakes explained, “We have talked about the possibility of selling the lounge, as Brentt also runs it. Brentt, Gregg, and other friends were my partners in the venture. This is all I have right now.

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