Neo-Nazi Prison Gang Members Convicted for Grisly Murdering a White Supremacist


Five members of a neo Nazi prison gang were convicted in the brutal murder of a white supremacist whose gang tattoo had been removed from his torso using a heated knife.

Michael Staton was abducted, beaten and tortured before being shot on Aug. 3, 2017. Fuhrer, 45 was the leader of the gang. He had also changed his name from Timothy Lobdell. The five men were convicted for murder, racketeering and kidnapping.

All face a mandatory sentences of life imprisonment without parole when they are sentenced in federal court in Alaska. The hearings will take place in October. 

Prosecutors claimed that the gang operated both within and outside prisons. They were covered in extensive Nazi symbols and white supremacist symbols, displaying their racist beliefs.

Fuhrer ordered gang members to commit violent kidnappings and attacks in the “free world”Prosecutors also stated that the case was being handled outside of prison.

Authorities said that the gang leader was currently behind bars serving a 19 year sentence for trying to kill an Alaska State Trooper 20-years ago.

The others convicted were Roy Naughton, 43; Glen Baldwin, 40; Colter O’Dell, 29; and Craig King, 56.

According to a 2018 plea agreement by gang member Nicholas Kozorra, a blade “was heated up with a propane torch and the defendant, Baldwin, and King took turns burning Staten’s (tattoo) from the ribcage area of his body with a hot knife and blowtorch,” the Anchorage Daily News reported. 


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