Nesly Monterroso, Rapper Found Dead in Barrel


Nesly Monterroso, a rapper, was reported to have been found dead inside a barrel in an abandoned car in Guatemala on December 5. The body of the 27-year old was found near where it was discovered. The National Institute of Forensic Sciences INACIF stated that her cause of Death was head trauma from a blow on the head.

Monterroso was last seen leaving her Guatemala City office, which is the capital and largest city of the country. Reports indicate that she was found in a car with no license plates after being reported by local residents. The U.S. Sun. National Civil Police officers arrived on scene.

Later, the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against Life and Integrity of Persons confirmed that the performer had died. Prosecutors claimed that the barrel was secured using rope. Police have not yet named any suspects or motives for the murder investigation that they started. Residents claim that Monterroso’s body had been found with evidence of extreme violence. “some kind of liquid”However, police have not publicly confirmed that either of these claims has been made.

Protests and marches were inspired by the shocking case. A march was organized that started at the Torres de Tribunales, and ended at Plaza de las Ninas, in front of National Palace. It called for an investigation into Monterroso’s death. The Journal. “This one goes to memory, this one goes to the absent so that they are present. This one goes for those who are no longer here,”According to the protesters, they sang activist Ruda Mujeres.

Monterroso was an entrepreneur and founder of the freestyle women’s rap movement in Guatemala in 2013. Her first album was released in 2016. She was also a soccer player, and an animal rights activist. She used social media to promote veterinary clinics.

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