Netflix Crew Member Dies in Car Crash, Production Paused


Crew member for Chris Pratt’s and Millie Bobby Brown’s new Netflix movie. The Electric StateAfter an accident involving a car, he died. According to The Daily MailMany on the set were shaken when the accident occurred in Georgia.

Deadline:According to a source, the accident took place “after working hours”That and more “production was paused today, and cast and crew were offered counseling resources.”The identities of the crew members and details about the accident are not known.

The latest film is from Avengers: EndgameDirectors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo The Gray ManThis premiered earlier in the summer. Pratt and Brown were joined by Stanley Tucci (Ke Huy Quan) in the cast. Simon Stalenhag’s graphic book of the same title.

Brown portrays a young orphan who searches for her brother using the help of a robot (played in part by Jason Alexander). They navigate a futuristic world together. Netflix will release the film in 2024.

The crew had a weekend to prepare for the death, which gave them Friday as their last day. It is believed that production will resume on Friday. The Daily Mail reports that the death comes just days after the tragic anniversary. RustHalyna Hutchins, cinematographer, was killed in a shooting accident when Alec Baldwin accidentally fired a prop gun while Alec Baldwin was holding it.

Filming accidents can be very difficult to deal with, both on-set and off-set. Some of the most infamous incidents probably influenced the way the crew dealt with these situations and the ways they helped on set.

John Landis’ notorious film accident is just one of many. Twilight Zone The Movie segment Vic Morrow, actor, and his two children were also killed.After a helicopter stunt went wrong. Landis, along with others, were facing charges in connection to the incident. However they avoided any severe punishment legally. Hutchins’s death has already evoked images of Brandon Lee’s shooting death on set of The Crow. He was also shot with a prop gun that is presumed to be empty. None of this can even touch the many injuries and deaths that stunt performers have sustained over the years. This profession doesn’t get enough recognition.

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