Netflix fans share their secrets to avoid spoilers in the wake of ‘ruins’ feature on popular Netflix show.


Did you accidentally stumble upon a spoiler while browsing Netflix? Netflix’s autoplay feature has been accused of ‘ruining’ users’ favorite shows. Here’s how to stop it

Netflix fans discovered a simple trick to avoid major spoilers.

The streaming giant’s autoplay feature has been widely criticized for giving away too many details before viewers choose to view the film or TV program.

Recent developments include: Reddit threadAfter one viewer complained that the Netflix movie had ruined Ozark, the video went viral.

The drama series’ last series premiered, but the auto-play feature solved a major cliffhanger that caused a car to crash.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. In the 2015 preview of Pretty Little Liars, it was accidental that the identity and motivations of the evil antagonist “A” were revealed.

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One person however shared a brilliant hack to fix the problem.

“You can deactivate trailers and clips in your account settings. But only through a PC/Laptop,”They agreed.

“Once I did this I never looked back,”Another user commented. “[It] completely fixes the problem”.

Another Netflix fan said that the hack is also available for iPhone. This makes it possible to stream your favorite Netflix shows on the go, without having to worry about spoilers.

Reddit users suggested that Netflix strategically used the auto play feature to increase views.

“Do you know why they do that? Because it works. About 20 years ago, marketers figured out people like to be familiar with what they are going to watch. And in many cases, they want to know what they’re going to see before they see it,”Papatonepictures user claimed.

“As an audience member, it makes no sense to me. Surprises, and not knowing what’s coming, are my favourite things about experiencing a story.

“However, it seems that the greater percentage of viewers who have seen the test marketing are more likely than the rest to pay for a story that has been spoilt for them.”.

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