Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Sends Netflix Fans into a Tumult


Netflix’s New policiesThe rules for password sharing will be in effect from 2023. As more people learn about them, the frustrations of users are growing. This new system was implemented by the streaming giant earlier this year, after it had its first fiscal quarter with no new subscribers. Some subscribers claim they will no longer be interested in streaming after the new rule goes into effect.

Netflix has adopted its new policy “homes”It has implemented the system in other countries and plans to launch it in the United States in 2023. It uses data collected by internet service providers to identify when accounts are being used out of one home. Soon, it will offer the possibility to add another account. “home”You can add to your account for a fee that is less than the entire cost of a subscription. Account sharers are able to continue as they are, while generous family members and friends can continue to add loved ones to their queues.

This model is already in place in Argentina, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. Customers pay an additional $2.00 per residence. Many customers feel this is a scam, as account sharing is now standard and free of charge. We take a look at some of the responses to this announcement.

Too Much Trouble

Many users felt that the new model was too complicated for them. They decided to not subscribe to Netflix and not feel the need to send a few dollars a month to their friends.



This model could also be used in situations like long travels and hospitalizations. Even users didn’t share their passwords, they could see trouble.


Past Slogan

Many people noticed that Netflix had once tweeted the catchphrase. “Love is sharing a password.”



Netflix’s many cancelled series fans suggested that they should have emphasized quality content over micromanaging their users.



Some were concerned that Netflix’s new policy might encourage people back to piracy.


Social Strain

Users laughed about the strain it had on their friendships, and relationships since the password sharing rule was in effect.



Many users expressed concern about their privacy after this announcement. It also highlights the fact that Netflix tracks users’ geographic location among other data. They believed this was an alarming way to report bad news.


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