Netflix Reboot Trailer and Premiere Date Revealed


The Mole Netflix is back with a new generation in deception. Netflix has shared the trailer for its newest reality competition series, The Mole. After nearly two decades since Anderson Cooper hosted the early 2000s ABC reality competition, the show is back with 12 new contestants competing to add money to a pot one of them will win. Nevertheless, one player is there to sabotage the rest — The Mole. 

The contestants take part in a range of activities, including helicopter rides and zip-lining. Every error results in thousands of dollars being lost, including $40,000 in this trailer. The new clips also provide viewers with their first glimpse at the cast, aged 25 to 40: including a COVID ICU nurse; a firefighter who recently lost 60 pounds; a Black female commercial airline pilot; a Ben & Jerry’s factory worker who calls himself “Dom Cruise;” plus, a six-foot-five “lifestyle-brand manager”From Henderson, Nevada, who is fondly interested in Vikings. 

According to the official synopsis The Mole is a high-stakes competition series in which 12 players compete in challenges to add money to a prize pool that only one will win. The group has one designated person. “the Mole,”They are given the task of sabotaging the profits of the group. The prize money will be awarded to the player who exposes the Mole and outlasts his competition.

Based on the Belgian format “The Mole”Original title “De Mol”Alex Wagner hosts the show with Greg Shapiro producing. The Mole aired for five seasons on ABC from 2001 through 2008. Moreover, Netflix has just been authorized to air the series. Squid GameShowcase of competitions inspired by the arts Squid Game ChallengeThe historic $4.56 million prize will be presented to the winner of the contest. Hwang Donghyuk, the showrunner, says that reality spinoff isn’t serious.

“I think that even though our show does carry quite a heavy message — and I know that there are some concerns of taking that message and creating it into a reality show with a cash prize,” Hwang said. “However, I feel like when you take things too seriously, that’s really not the best way to go for the entertainment industry. It doesn’t really set a great precedent.” The Mole’s first five episodes will debut on Oct. 7, with the rest dropping over the next three weeks.

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