Netflix Renews Hit Comic Book Series in Second Season


Neil Gaiman fans who have long longed for a screen adaptation of the novel on film The Sandman The Netflix series finally granted comics their wish. The streamer’s subscribers loved the show, and it was awarded a second season. The Sandman is inspired by the DC Comics series created and illustrated by Gaiman and Sam Kieth.

Inadvertently, DC Comics’ official Twitter account leaked the news on Tuesday. “The dream continues. [The Sandman] will return with new episodes based on multiple volumes of the Neil Gaiman graphic novel to explore even more stories of the Endless,”This tweet was before it was deleted. Deadline It was later confirmed that the show was renewed for another season.

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Gaiman also criticized a Twitter critic for spreading a false rumor about the cancellation of the show. “It’s pretty good to be me. I mean, at least I can spot a fake Twitter account,” The novelist wroteOne tweet Tuesday

The SandmanTom Sturridge stars as Lord Morpheus/Dream. This is the personification dream and one of seven Endless. After 106 years of captivity, he was finally released from captivity in 1916 after being captured in an occult ritual. He embarks on a journey to bring order back to the Dreaming. Boyd Holbrook stars as the Corinthian while Vivienne acheampong plays Lucienne. Patton Oswalt plays Matthew the Raven and David Thewlis is John Dee. Gwendoline Christie returns as Lucifer Morningstar.

Gaiman plays a major role in the series. He co-developed the project along with Allen Heinberg and David S. Goyer. Executive producers of the show are Gaiman and Heinberg as well as Goyer and Mike Bater. The show’s studios are DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. PurePop Inc., The Black Corporation and Phantom Four also produce it.

The SandmanThe show’s 10 first episodes were launched on Aug. 5. A surprise bonus episode was released on Aug. 19. Netflix subscribers watched 69.5 million hours of the show during its first week of release, jumping to 127.5 million during its second.

An August interview with Rolling StoneGaiman stated that the show was very costly to produce but it was on track for a second season due to its huge viewership. “This is not a cheap show. This is the opposite of a cheap show. This is dead expensive,”Gaiman said. “And that means that in order to be renewed, we have to perform as well as everybody could possibly, possibly hope. So everybody is very hopeful. It’s all looking great. We’re certainly on track for it. But it’s all about how we do over the month after release.”

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