Netflix Star Files $250 million Lawsuit Against His Estranged Husband And Co-Star


My Unorthodox Live Julia Haart has filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband and co-star for multimillion dollars in fraud. The Netflix star is seeking more than $257 million in damages to be determined at trial, Deadline reported. 

According to the New York State court lawsuit filed July 8, Silvio Scaglia, Haart’s lawyers, was named by Haart “a liar and a fraud.”Haart claims that Scaglia cheated her of stock and substantial money from Freedom Holding, Inc., their parent company.

“Haart’s indentured servitude must be remedied,”The complaint names among the defendants financiers Paolo Barbieri and Jeffrey Feinman. “It cannot be that a man can convince his wife to give up millions in dollars in salary and benefits, plus an employment contract at the peak of her career (along with the security and independence that come with those things) and then leave her with nothing when his bait-and-switch is revealed.”

The lawsuit by Haart, her Morrison Cohen LLP attorneys, follows. “smear campaign”According to the executive, she claims she is fighting against a Scaglia lawsuit claiming she used FHI as her personal bank account. “While he holds himself out to the media and others as a billionaire, in truth, Scaglia’s so-called wealth is nothing more than smoke and mirrors,” reads Haart’s 45-page Filing.

In My Unorthodox LifeHaart’s transformation from an ultra-orthodox Jewish woman to a modern woman in Manhattan’s creative and fashion industries is shown. She left her community and her ultra-orthodox Jewish faith in September 2013. She is the Executive World Group (EWG) and her husband Scaglia plays an important role both on-camera and off.

According to the lawsuit, My Unorthodox Life “was an immediate success and thrust EWG into the mainstream media far beyond its original industry insider status.”Despite having discussed taking their company public, Scaglia & Haart split in the early 2021.

The divorce case was settled relatively quickly and was proceeding through the courts. For Valentine’s Day in 2019, a press release was planned to announce that they had “were divorcing for personal reasons but would remain as business partners in FHI/EWG because that venture was strong.”

The lawsuit alleges that Scaglia changed FHI’s Articles of incorporation just days before the press conference was to take place. He managed to keep the majority ownership of FHI, even though he promised Haart a 50% share. He illegally stole $1.5million from an FHI bank account, disrupting its ownership structure.

According to the filing Scaglia transferred 50% FHI shares to Haart. This meant that her control and ownership over FHI was illegitimate. Haart couldn’t stop Scaglia taking all Haart’s valuable earnings. Haart, the CEO of EWG did not know about Scaglia’s fraud. He assumed the position without a salary nor employment contract. 

As part of Haart’s claim, Scaglia intentionally misled his then-fiancée as to what the FHI shares represented by withholding from her the existence of his preferred shares in the business and not providing her the entire 50% of those preferred shares.

Haart asserts that she has the right to recover millions of dollars in EWG management fees to FHI; millions of dollars net value for Haart’s services at EWG’s CEO, and hundreds of millions dollars in value due to EWG’s possible sale price. These damages need to be proven in court. My Unorthodox LiveThe upcoming season will not be affected by ongoing divorce proceedings or a lawsuit. It is expected that it will premiere later in 2018.