Netflix’s Biggest Movie Right Now Just Hit an Embarrassing Record


Netflix’s biggest movie right now, Me Time with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, just hit an embarrassing record. BGR points out that the comedy film currently has a seven percent critics score and 30 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. This makes it the lowest-rated film for both Hart and Wahlberg at the review aggregator site. While the low RT score is certainly not ideal, the fact remains that Netflix subscribers have been watching Me Time so much that it’s been out for over a week and is still the number one film on the streaming service, at this time.

Me Time is a brand new Netflix buddy-comedy from writer/director John Hamburg, which stars Hart and Wahlberg as two longtime friends who’ve drifted apart over the year. After he finds himself with some “me time” Hart’s Sonny Fisher decides to join his old pal Huck Dembo’s (Wahlberg) epic birthday party week, which kicks off with the bare-bottomed actor going “full Wahlberg” for a skinny dipping scene. Notably, ahead of the movie’s release, had a chance to speak with Hamburg, and he revealed that Hart is actually a big part of why viewers are re-introduced to Huck in his literal birthday suit.

“That’s full Wahlberg,” Hamburg joked when we asked if the actor used a body double. “He committed. Who can pull off a Mark Wahlberg body double? No, he was full commitment.” Hamburg then revealed, “I will say that scene was not in the first draft that Mark committed to. Kevin was the one who was like, ‘I feel like we need a bigger introduction for the Huck character.’ He didn’t say what. I came up with the idea that you might see him and he’s been skinny dipping and felt kind of like a unique way to introduce this character, that it would say a lot about him and about the dynamics between him and Kevin.”

Hamburg continued, “As long as it was a closed set, and it was from behind, Mark was game.” Adding to the potential awkwardness, the director went on to explain, “That was also his first day of filming, I should say. We completely threw him into the deep end.” He then added that “Mark is a committed actor.” In addition to Hart and Wahlberg, Me Time also stars Regina Hall, Jimmy O. Yang, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Andrew Santino, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, John Amos, Anna Maria Horsford, and pop/R&B music legend Seal. Me Time is now streaming, only on Netflix.

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