Netflix’s Formula One Racers Will Drive Straight to Your Heart


Are you looking for plans for this weekend? You don’t have to make plans this weekend? We have the binge watch that will speed you through.

Netflix’sFormula 1: Drive to Survive—which offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the drivers of the Formula One World Championship—is arguably one of the most gripping docuseries in recent history, revealing rivalries, covering crashes and deep-diving into the racers’ personal lives. Finally, it’s back with its fourth season. This is the story of what was arguably the greatest fight in sport history between seven-time champions. Lewis HamiltonA young challenger Max Verstappen. (Though true fans may be even more excited to watch the Toto Wolff vs. Christian Horner rivalry.)

Sure, the public already knows how the 2021 season ended and who won, but that has never stopped the series from being one of the online streaming giant’s most successful releases, To Survive, DriveNo. 1 for TV shows worldwide last March after season three dropped, according to FlixPatrol. 

“It’s quite unbelievable, people’s reactions,”Executive producer Paul MartinSubmitted The New York TimesThe overwhelming response. “Our show only works because, actually, the sport’s an incredible spectacle. It is incredibly dramatic and tense. There’s mistakes, and there’s huge characters. Our show only shines a light on what’s there.”