Netflix’s Jane Austen Adaptation Is Resisting Purists


Netflix Original Film Adaptation of Persuasion Jane Austen is a favorite of many literature enthusiasts. While loosely based in Austen’s novel, the movie makes some linguistic mistakes that have ripple effects on the story and character. Many fans feel that this movie was a waste Austen’s name and even a disservice of her work.

Persuasion This was The last novelJane Austen, the famous author, wrote it and it was published in 1817. It tells the story of a 27-year old woman. “persuaded”She is forced to spend more time with her ex-fiancee and reevaluate her options after she ends a marriage. Austen’s book contains all the subtleties and subtext that scholars love, but critics complain that the movie loses some of the subtlety. The new movie uses modernized flowery language.

The new Persuasion The film was written and directed by Carrie Cracknell by Ronald Bass and Alice Victoria Winslow. The film stars Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot, and Cosmo Jarvis plays Captain Frederick Wentworth. Many have compared the movie to Netflix’s. Bridgerton – an adaptation of a modern novel series set in the same time period as Persuasion. Austen’s fans believe that Austen’s work needs a new approach if it is to adapt to the screen.

Persuasion Netflix now has the streaming service. It’s unclear how it did in its first weekend. This is what the public has to say about this adaptation’s quirks.

‘Worse Than Strangers’

This phrase was, without doubt, the most talked about line of dialogue in the film. “Now we’re strangers. Worse than strangers. We’re exes.”Critics criticized this line for being too corny and for not even being a modern analog to Austen’s words.


More dialogue

Fans were initially skeptical about the dialog in the trailer. However, when the movie was released, viewers found many more lines that they enjoyed.



Austen’s writing is beloved by many long-time supporters. Many felt that the screenwriters for this movie misunderstood some of her fundamentals. They believed that modernizing Austen’s language had no desired effect, regardless of stylistic preference.



Some critics believed that adaptations of period pieces needed to be done in a particular way. Others pointed out adaptations that used a similar approach. Persuasion They believed they were more successful.



This movie was not without its critics. Many of them had strong arguments. Some fans felt the film was too satirical. “modernized”While adaptation is a valid approach to the film, those who prefer a true adaptation should opt for it.


Life is like art

Just so happens, that the weekend ends in the same weekend Persuasion Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were reunited by their ex-partners in real life when they got married. Many fans commented that this was the best part of their reunion. “modern”They really desired adaptation.


There’s nothing more

Finally, this weekend there were reports that the team was behind. Persuasion Similar projects were also in development. Many viewers were concerned that Netflix would allow this project to go ahead based on their viewership. Persuasion Leaving out how many people didn’t like what they saw.