Netflix’s new sci-fi series, ‘Suspenseful,’ is terrifying viewers


Netflix launched recently a new service called a “suspenseful”New sci-fi series are now available, and they are terrifying viewers. You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve been browsing the streaming site recently. Archive 81The most watched categories. It is currently the number 6 TV series on Netflix and number 10 overall on the streaming service. The series is about Mamoudou, an archiver (Mamoudou athie), who studies the history of Africa. “takes a job restoring damaged videotapes and gets pulled into the vortex of a mystery involving the missing director and a demonic cult.”

Archive 81It loosely draws inspiration from a podcast with the same name that was created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell. The podcast starred Amelia Kidd. Since its debut on January 14, Netlflix has been a huge success with fans and critics alike. You can watch more on Rotten TomatoesThe show currently has an 84% Fresh rating with the Critics Consensus reading. “An intriguing blend of horror and noir, Archive 81 offers addictive supernatural thrills that are haunting in the best way.”Fans are using social media to share reactions Archive 81It’s clear that the show is frightening many viewers who have seen it so far. Scroll down for what scared viewers have to say on Twitter.

“Can’t Escape”

“Really loving Archive 81,” TweetBarbara Crampton is a horror film legend. “Feels like visiting a place you can’t escape. You don’t want to delve deeper but you are compelled to somehow. For me it’s about these main players though and how much I enjoy their likable presence. I don’t want anything bad to happen to them.”



“Was looking around Netflix for things to watch and came across Archive 81. This found footage horror/mystery series has really got me hooked and every episode ending just got me ‘wtf just happened’. James Wan is one of the [executive] producer btw,”Someone Offered.


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