Netflix’s Pinocchio is Being Called a Masterpiece


Some critics now see Guillermo del Toro’s PinocchioIt has received excellent reviews. Netflix will soon be streaming the film, but it will first screen in select theaters beginning on Friday, November 11. The movie sounds great so far.

Most people are aware of these facts today. Pinocchio The fairy tale is more than just the 1940 Disney animated film. Disney does not own any intellectual property rights. PinocchioThis is how we ended up with two live-action movies in the same year. Disney’s new version of the film is however a great addition to our collection. Pinocchio Although it attempts to appeal to children the co-written and directed by Del Toro takes a darker approach.

Del Toro co-wrote Pinocchio Patrick McHale and Matthew Robins were the co-directors of the movie along with Mark Gustafson. The film was produced by Netflix Animation and The Jim Henson Company. This is technically del Toro’s debut animated feature film.

This version Pinocchio Ewan McGregor stars, David Bradley stars, Gregory Mann, Finn Wolfhard and Cate Blanchett. It is being called a difficult work. So far, there have been 20 reviews. Rotten TomatoesThe movie has a score of 100 percent. You’ll find out why.


VarietyJazz Tangcay by’s was the one to refer to Pinocchio del ToroA true “exquisite masterpiece.”


Award Buzz

Perri Nemiroff, a writer, created some buzz when she predicted that this movie would win an Oscar. “VERY difficult to beat this season.”



Scott Menzel, Critic of the Film, praised del Toro’s talent as a one-in-a generation talent and commented on how much time was clearly spent on this film.


Faith in Remakes

Rosa Parra joked about how this movie would make the audience believe in remakes. This movie was very distinctively criticized by the critic. “del Toroesque.”



Erik Anderson – and many other critics – emphasized how strong their emotional response to this movie was, even knowing the source material as most people do these days.



Finally, CheatSheet’Jeff Nelson VarietyClayton Davis and’s Clayton Davis pointed out that there was a lot of artistry involved in this vision, which includes sculpture, animation, music, and many other things.


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