Netflix’s ‘The Tinder Swindler’ Already Forcing Changes Within Dating App


The Tinder Swindler is poised to become Netflix’s latest true crime binge, hitting close to a topic we’ve all experience. Online dating and dating apps are the pits out of the gates, but the subject of the Netflix documentary makes it a little worse through his actions.

While he’s not murdering his potential dates like others in the past, Simon Leviev does take advantage of the dating app and the women he matches with through the service. According to TMZ, he won’t be doing that ever again if given a chance. Tinder revealed that he has been banned from using the service under any name, with an immediate ban if he attempts to join again in the future.

TMZ notes that Tinder terminated Leviev’s account because his actions broke the app’s terms of service. The terms include “impersonation” and “asking for money,” according to TMZ. It’s the tax evasion catching Capone of the online dating world.

Spoiler alerts for the documentary and its subject are ahead, but the facts shouldn’t be a spoiler. Fair warning, though, if you need it.

As most conmen and women do, Leviev is revealed to have swindled millions from women by tricking them through his “enormous wealth” and the idea that he was the Bruce Wayne of Tinder. In the end, he’d walk away with millions from these women before disappearing. It’s ghosting on a level that many don’t dare attempt.

The reason for this hesitance to con people leads to Leviev’s eventual arrest in 2019 through Interpol and his deportation back to Israel. Going behind bars for your actions through a dating app is a steep penalty, but the documentary shows that Leviev lucked out in this department.

The conman managed to skate through and obtain an early release after returning to Israel despite being arrested. Worse yet, the documentary used the hook in the end that Leviev is still out there, roaming the streets of Tinder looking for his next match.

Thankfully, Tinder was quick to update this situation. According to TMZ, Tinder checked the status of Leviev’s account, confirming it was banned and that any other that surfaces will meet the same fate.