Network Gossip: Ellen Pompeo Supposedly Hurt by ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ratings Disaster


It is Ellen PompeoDo you panic over the lack of work? According to one report the sliding ratings of Grey’s AnatomyHave its star shake in her boots. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Squeeze Is On As ‘Grey’s’ Ratings Go Into Freefall’

The following is the National EnquirerPompeo worries that her days of being a successful businesswoman are over. Ratings Grey’s AnatomyPompeo could be the victim of this backlash. “The bosses are alarmed, and the pressure is squarely on Ellen to help them turn this around,”Source: A million viewers saw the series finale of the medical drama in 2022, compared to 2021.

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Great power comes with great responsibility. Since Pompeo earns over $20 million for the series annually, it’s apparently up to her to fix this mess. “You just don’t get that kind of paycheck without a ton of responsibility,”Insiders say. 

Pompeo is supposedly pushing the show’s writers to step up and create a great new storyline to lure back viewers. According to an insider: “She wants to go out with a bang, so she can hold her head up high—and not get forced out because people are tired of her. That’s just too humiliating!”

What’s Next For Ellen Pompeo?

It’s pretty hilarious to see that Ellen Pompeo’s supposed huge plan for rating success is just to ask writers to come up with better ideas. Seriously, Inquire? It was possible to get more creative.

What does Pompeo need to be concerned about? As the story admits: Grey’s AnatomyIt has been done Season 19 renewedPompeo is returning. Her legacy and finances are more than secure at this point, and there’s no way ABC pulls the plug on the series without a massive media campaign over its conclusion.

While it’s true that Grey’s Anatomy saw ratings fall for its finale, that’s just part of the broader trends in television. You can check out the TV ratings page to see what’s happening. NCIS. CBS Drama remains the most watched TV drama, with a viewership of over 500,000. Nearly every year, they shrinkSince 2012. Ratings are down? It’s unfair to say ratings are down when ratings are down for everyone.

There’s A History Of Gossip

The InquireEllen Pompeo, recently announced, would leave Grey’s Anatomy over the show’s toxic environment. She signed on for season 19, just weeks after she had left, which was false. It tried to stir up drama between Pompeo, Dempsey and his appearance in season 18. They are civil and respectful of each other so it was absurd.

This outlet reported that Jon Stewart had gone ballistic due to low ratings for his Apple TV+ show. Streaming and television have changed a lot since 20 years ago. There’s more to a show’s success than the Nielsen number.

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