Neue ‘Taste the TV’Japan’s Invention Allows Users to Taste Food Flavors from a TV Screen


Japan is currently testing a prototype of Taste the TV (or TTTV). This is a whole different type of interactive television — a tasty kind.

The device will play a video of what the user wants to taste and create a mixture of liquids that will give it the perfect flavor balance. It then sprays it onto the screen for the user to eat.

TTTV is the brainchild of college professor Homei Miyashita from Meiji University, who said the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a demand for many experiences to be enjoyed at home, like trying new foods. 

“I am thinking of making a platform where tastes from all over the world can be distributed as ‘taste content,'”They said. “It’s the same as watching a movie or listening to a song that you like.”

“I hope people can, in the future, download and enjoy the flavors of the food from the restaurants they fancy, regardless of where they are based in the future.”

Although it’s not quite as efficient as a 3-D printer for food printing, anyone can ask if they want pizza or pancakes.