Nevada Family Found Living in a Children’s Museum With a Stash of Weapons: Sheriff


Nevada couple found hiding multiple firearms in a children’s museum they shared with their children. According to News 4 & Fox 11.

A janitor at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada was arrested, News 4 & Fox 11 reported on July 8. The 41-year-old, Wilbert Calhoun, has been charged with child neglect and endangerment, three counts of possessing a suppressor and two counts of possessing a short-barrel rifle, according to the outlet.

According to News 4 & Fox 11, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office reported that an AK-47, three handguns, an AR-style pistol, ammunition, knives, three suppressors, a baton, a taser and pepper spray were found in a storage room, the office declaring that the room “could easily be accessed by a wandering child.”

Calhoun was contacted by Carson City Sheriffs who were responding to a call regarding a 2-year-old unsupervised wandering near the museum. Calhoun claimed he did not live in the museum but the child’s older sister told deputies that the family did.

The outlet reported that a CMNN member was present with the sheriffs, where they found signs of people living inside the museum. In the building were found sleeping bags, food, clothing, and mattresses.

Calhoun’s wife was a manager at CMNN, News 4 & Fox 11 reported. Calhoun and his spouse were terminated, according to the outlet. 

The wife, who has not yet been identified, was not taken into custody. According to News 4 & Fox 11, the state of the children is unknown.

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