New Blood Star Talks ‘Definitive’ Conclusion


There are a few shows that have caused controversy when it comes to ending a series with a strong, well-rounded finale. Other than the heated discussion that has been taking place recently about the Game of Thrones The series finale of 2019 has been discussed more than any other show, especially the critically acclaimed Dexter starring Michael C. Hall. The original eight-season run of the series was ended in 2013. In 2013, the show returned with the form of New Blood — the anticipated revival on Showtime picking up eight years after America’s favorite vigilante serial killer faked his own death and took up life as a somber lumberjack. 

With New BloodHall said exclusively to that the limited series will give viewers a chance to redeem themselves and provide a solid ending to the show. During an interview with Hall and his Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum bandmates Peter Yanowitz and Matt Katz-Bohen ahead of their European tour this winter, the multi-award-winning actor teased to PopCulture most mischievously with a grin and his hands behind his back that audiences will “maybe”Get the closure they need. 

Hall later confessed that he doesn’t want to spoil too much about what was to follow, but Hall assured fans and the public that there would be a bold finish to the series after the disappointing finale. “I think it will be — yeah I think we will end up doing something that’s a bit more definitive, and bold and hopefully satisfying with people,”He stated.

Hall is keen for viewers and audiences to keep watching the series. He has been collaborating with Yanowitz, Katz-Bohen, and Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum to get creative off-screen. They released their debut album. Thank you for coming, this past February, are heading out on a European tour this winter starting with the United Kingdom — a journey Hall is most thrilled about. “I’m excited about all of those rooms and those ears and human bodies will be filling that space,”He said that acting and singing were two of his favorite creative areas as an artist. “It depends on how wide the realm is — I think ultimately, they’re in the same realm, but when you’re creating your own material and putting across your own material, it’s a very different thing than interpreting other people’s writing and worlds and what have you.”

Hall’s artistic material is complemented by the ingeniousness of Katz-Bohen and Yanowitz. Hall shows how there’s more to life. “something that the three of us experienced as a trio that none of us have quite experienced apart from this little collective,”Also, please state how the band is just “trying to keep it burning.”

While the trio attempts to keep it going with creative, avant-garde songs, Hall’s onscreen character Dexter Morgan is trying his best to get to grips with recent snags. New Blood. Fans have seen Dexter break his routine, kill a bad man, and then discover Harrison is back. They also saw their favorite anti-hero line-dancing, dating, and being part of a local bowling team. PopCulture was asked by PopCulture: Which song would Dexter listen to in Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, as Dexter attempts to find some balance? Hall gives a final smile after taking a moment to reflect on the situation. “‘Bombed Out Sites.’ First one [on the album, Thanks for Coming]. It just calms him down, a little sort of trance — yeah.”

New BloodShowtime airs at 9 p.m. every Sunday on Showtime ET. Princess Goes the Butterfly Museum is currently touring 11 European cities. You can find out more about the band and where to see them live. Visit their official website.

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