New Blood’s Ending Sparks Speculation on Michael C. Hall’s Return in Possible Series 2


Fans felt vindicated after Sunday’s performance. Dexter While some were happy to see the end of the current series, others longed for more. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after New Blood: DexterAs the show ended, Clyde Phillips, the showrunner, discussed the possibility that the character might be re-cast. Warning! There are spoilers Dexter finale ahead.

Phillips invented Dexter He left the series in Season 4 and didn’t hesitate to say that he did not like the original ending. He and his wife discussed the series finale. THRHe revealed that he had always wanted it to end with Dexter Morgan, Michael C. Hall, dead at the hands Harrison (Jack Alcott), who is his son. “dark passenger”Phillips is open to the idea. Many fans expect Harrison to continue the story in a spinoff series, which Phillips supports. THRWhen asked if Hall would appear in this case as a ghostly projector, he replied that he would, just like other dead characters. Dexter In the past.

“I honestly don’t know,”Phillips stated cautiously “We’re talking about a hypothetical show here. My instinct is maybe once just to charge up Harrison and charge up the audience or maybe never. It’s either the best idea in the world or the most obvious idea in the world. If Showtime says yes and I can put together a writing room, that’s a question I’ll bring up to them. Right now, I just don’t know.”

Phillips indicated that he was interested in creating a spinoff about Harrison. He would use Harrison’s name in the title. Dexter. He said: “There’s a lot I’d like to explore. I don’t have permission yet from Showtime to explore it. But if they were to call – much like Gary Levine called to do what became New Blood – and say we want to do Harrison, I’d drop everything and say yes in a minute.”

Phillips said, however, that he would be content with the ending if it is true. When asked what the legacy was of the series, Phillips replied that it was: “The legacy is the audience. I want the audience to say, ‘I was entertained; I learned something; I was stimulated; I was surprised; I was frightened and I’m satisfied.'”

Showtime has so far not responded to the numerous calls for a brand new program. Dexter spinoff or sequel. Showtime premiered the series finale Sunday, January 9. Showtime has the complete series streaming online.

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