New CNN Boss Reportedly Trying To Poach Two Of MSNBC’s Biggest Stars, Including Joe Scarborough, Industry Gossip Says


CNN is looking to hire serious talent. One tabloid claims the network’s newest executive is eyeing a famous duo to help boost ratings. Let’s check in on CNN’s new direction.

CNN Top Brass Wants MSNBC’s Biggest Stars?

This week, National Enquirer reports CNN’s new head-honcho Chris Licht could mean trouble for MSNBC. Licht worked with Morning Joe hosts Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and sources say he’s eyeing the two for his network makeover. “When CBS hired Chris, he wanted Joe and Mika to head up his morning show, but they couldn’t get out of their deal with NBC,”Insider recipes “Now he’s trying the same trick at CNN, hoping this time he’ll pull it off.”

Is it? ‘Morning Joe’Moving Networks

We aren’t quite buying this story. While anything’s possible and there isn’t anything stopping Chris Licht from approaching his old colleagues, we doubt Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski would abandon their show so easily. The couple hosted. Morning Joe MSNBC has been their home away for over a decade since 2007. But even if loyalty wasn’t a factor here, it looks like things are going well for the pair over at MSNBC.

Recently, the network announced that it will begin April 4th. Morning Joe The scope of the expansion. Although the original show ran from 6 a.m.-9 a.m., it was now available at 9 a.m. The network has made the morning program a 4-hour long. If the network has any suspicions that Scarborough and Brzezinski were flight risk, we doubt it would make such a big move.

And since MSNBC’s morning slot has beat CNN in the ratings for a while now, we doubt money is an issue. CNN would surely know that any poaching attempt by Brzezinski or Scarborough would fail. The network would likely fight to keep Scarborough around. Of course, we can’t say for certain what the networks or the anchors have planned, but if this tabloid’s past reporting is any indicator, it can’t either.

More Network gossip from The Tabloid

The National Enquirer A long history of misreporting network drama has been a hallmark of the outlet. In an earlier claim, the magazine claimed that CBS had plans to fire its leading reporter to save money. The magazine also claimed that MSNBC was interested in Chuck Todd to replace Rachel Maddow. In a more recent report, Mika Brzezinski became less popular behind-the scenes at MSNBC. Morning Joe. Given the outlet’s salacious past reporting, readers should take its stories with a grain of salt.

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