New England Patriots trade veteran player to Las Vegas Raiders two weeks into the season


Two weeks into the new season, the New England Patriots made trades with Las Vegas. On Wednesday, The Raiders made their announcement they have acquired veteran offensive lineman Justin Herron and a 2024 seventh-round draft pick in a trade with the Patriots. The Raiders will also send a 2024 sixth round pick to the Patriots as part of the terms of the trade. 

Josh McDaniels Raiders coach stated to reporters Wednesday that Dave Ziegler had been presented with the Raiders general manager. “opportunity”Trade for Herron “A guy that we have some familiarity with, has played tackle in games, plenty of games, and has some versatility,” McDaniels stated, per ESPN. “Young player that’s continuing to develop. “We will let him compete and adjust to our system and then we’ll see what happens. We have no expectations other than adding a player we know and feel has potential upside. We look forward to developing him.

The Patriots selected Herron, 26 years old, in the sixth round. He was a part of 28 games, with 10 starts over his career. However, he has not been active this season. Herron has held multiple offensive positions including right tackle, left tackle, and eligible tight ends. Herron was recognized by Tempe (Arizona), Police Department as a hero for his efforts to stop a sexual assault attempt in a local park. 

“The reaction from the media, I wasn’t ready,”Herron stated that Herron was speaking to the Patriots’ official website.. “A lot of people said it would get big, but I didn’t think it would get that big. The funny thing is with everyone who knows me personally, which warms my heart, they all said, ‘Yeah, we’re not surprised. We all figured you would do something like that.’ So that really makes me feel good … It gave me an idea that I’m doing things right.”  

Herron stated to reporters that he was reacting to the situation. “You see it in movies and TV all the time, but you never think it’s going to happen in real life until it does. In that moment, I was in shock,”He said. “It was 11, in the middle of the day, not one cloud in the sky and in a very open field. The fact it happened there, at that time, was very shocking. In the moment, I wish I could tell you what I was thinking. I just knew someone just needed help. All I could do was just rush myself over there to make sure I could help the victim and make sure I could comfort her and be the best person I can be.”

You can reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656 HOPE (4673) or visit if you or someone you know have been sexually assaulted.

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