New Horizon’s Stars J Lee, Scott Grimes Talk About Series Approach to Controversial Topics During Move to Hulu


The Orville: New HorizonHulu officially launched Episode 1 of the new sci-fi dramedy, which is now available to stream. got a chance to speak with the cast and get first-hand knowledge about the new season ahead of its premiere. The series’ controversial topic approach was discussed by Scott Grimes and J. Lee Grimes. They also spoke about the Seth MacFarlane-created series. Move to Hulu starting Fox.

How to address the problem The Orville handles sensitive subjects, Grimes explained, “Luckily everything Seth believes in and everything Seth’s written about, I feel the same,”Even though he admits that sometimes he doesn’t. “understand it”Get started right now. “J Lee’s such an intelligent friend too. I have to have it explained to me sometimes,” Grimes continued. Grimes continued, “So sometimes on set, I’m like ‘Oh, that’s what they’re going after.’ This is just me. Once you become involved, however, you begin to realize that this is not a science fiction show. It’s so much more. It’s something I’m still learning. 

Grimes continued by saying, “People really understand what Seth MacFarlane goes thru to write these, along with his political views and social views. It’s a wonderful thing to be part of. That’s what gives it the next level.”

As far as what it was like when the show moved from Fox to Hulu, Lee confessed that when they “They were shooting” he didn’t notice any differences, but eventually he caught on to some “upgrades” that he fully welcomes. “We were doing business as usual while we were filming” lee said. “Because we only saw parts of things, we couldn’t see all the effects or the work that went into it. You can see the details of the ship and the upgrade when they send us these episodes. You hear the music, you see. This is Hulu truly supporting. Believe in the vision of it. It’s been great for my so far.

Grimes was also included. “I could tell just leaving… No, I’m not ragging on network television, I love it. They left Seth alone in this new season kind of a little bit more. There’s rules that he had to abide by as far as timing, as far as swear words, or what you can show what you can’t show. So this was just his vision. Hulu allowed his vision more.”

The Orville: New HorizonsPremiered Thursday, June 2 on Hulu Fans can also HuluCatch up on the previous seasons of the series. More coverage on The Orville: New HorizonsPopCulture has more cast interviews and more!