New Hulu Series: Tom Ellis, Star of ‘Lucifer,’ Joins Star Tom Ellis in ‘This Is Us.


Lucifer Star Tom Ellis joined the cast of Washington BlackSterling K. Brown stars in a new Hulu original series called “The Gig.” This show will be limited in production and is based upon a novel of the same name by Esi Edugyan. According to a report from DeadlineEllis has been cast in the role of Christopher “Titch” Wilde.

Washington BlackThis is a dark historical fiction novel that depicts the life of George Washington. “Wash”Black, born in Barbados as a slave, eventually escapes to freedom and travels the world. Wash, aged 11 years, is called from his plantation up to the large house to serve his owners. Titch, Ellis’ character is close to him. However, their friendship is fragile due to Erasmus Wilde’s cruel brother Titch. Titch still teaches Wash to read and encourages his natural talent of drawing.


Titch is a complex character with flaws that become more apparent later in the book. However, it is not clear how the TV adaptation will deal with the long jumps in time. Washington BlackWash’s entire life is depicted, so it would be necessary to cast multiple actors in the main role. So far, only one actor has been named for the role – Ernest Kingsley Jr.

Brown will portray Medwin Harris as a gregarious, de facto leader of Nova Scotia’s former slave community. If Ellis and Brown are to appear together on the show, there will be some adjustments to the script. However, they will share scenes with Iola Evans, Wash’s eventual lover.


Washington BlackHulu ordered the series to be televised in October 2018. The book was first published in 2018. Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, who has previously written for the series, will direct it. It will only be a short series that does not extend beyond the story as laid out in the book. The Twilight Zone. Hinds, Brown and Edugyan are executive producers.

It’s not clear when. Washington BlackThe show may air when it begins filming. The novel is praised for its ability to explore broad themes and difficult historical topics through a narrow lens that focuses on one main character. It is available in digital, audiobook and print formats.