New Jersey Boy, 11 Years Old, Vows to Surf For 1,000 Days Straight in Order to Rake Money for the Homeless


A New Jersey 11 year old is determined to inspire others to help the less fortunate. 

Carter Doorley pledged to surf 1,000 consecutive days at New Jersey Shore in aid of his community.

Carter began to collect money from donors. Carter has already contributed to local homeless shelters as well as other non-profits.

“If you look at Atlantic City, a lotta people have lost their job and were put on the streets. So I wanna try to help them and give back,” He spoke to CBS News. 

He stated that he initially wanted to raise $1 per wave he surfed.

“So I thought I was gonna make $30, around $50,”He said. “I ended up making around $300.”

He is 11 years old and already wants to be an example for others, encouraging them to help those less fortunate. Carter has already marked his 600th day of surfing and is well on his way to 1,000, by which time he hopes many more people will have been helped by his cause. 

“It will show that there’s very, like, good people in the world still helping, giving back to their community, too,” he said.


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