New Jersey Homeowner in Basement Collapse Video Returns Home to Survey the Effects of Last Night’s Nor’easter


First there was a bomb cyclone that wreaked havoc on the West Coast, then it was the Northeast’s turn as a nor’easter dumped a massive amount of rain across the region.

Some homeowners still drying out from Hurricane Ida just weeks ago again braced for more flooding, including one New Jersey family seen in a viral video of their basement wall collapsing amid the torrential downpour.

Inside Edition was told by Marlon Valle that his family had to leave Cranford while the wall was being rebuilt. He returned home Tuesday after the storm to check on the basement, where he spoke to Inside Edition.

“I’m like, how bad is it going to get in the basement?” Valle said.

As the storm approached, New Jersey and New York declared a state-of-emergency. 

New Yorkers also wanted to avoid another round of the terrible flooding that nearly brought down the subway system in September’s Hurricane Ida.

Many workers helped move emergency generators and pumps into place ahead of the storm. The trains ran smoothly on Monday, it looked like work.

Heavy rains are forecast across the Northeast through the weekend. But, it is expected that things will dry up in the time of Halloween on Sunday.