New Jersey Man Becomes Third Person in 2022 to Die Trying to Summit Alaska’s Denali Mountains


A New Jersey man has become the third person to die trying to summit Alaska’s Denali Mountains this past year, according to CBS News.

Fernando Birman (48), of Stockton, New Jersey died Friday evening while trying to climb the 20310-foot peak. National Park Service said.

Birman was only 600 feet from the summit. NBC News reported.

Birman was added to the park service and his guides began CPR. However, he never regained a pulse.

Birman was part a 12-member guided group that began their ascent May 22nd, according to Sharon Stiteler (a spokesperson for Denali National Park), in a CBS News statement.

The park statement said despite the cause of death being as of yet unknown, the medical examiner said it was consistent with sudden cardiac arrest.

The Denali Mountains in North America are North America’s highest peak. Three people have died trying climb to the summit, including Birman.

CBS News reported that there have been 129 deaths in climbing at the park since 1932.