New Jersey: Runaway Dog Crosses River, 2 Tunnels. He is finally captured in New Jersey


It is said that cats have nine lives. But this dog had a very different experience. After a long journey that saw him travel across New York City and New Jersey, he was finally brought home to safety.

Bailey, an 8-month-old Akita/German Shepherd mix, caused chaos last month when he tried to swim across New York’s East River.

Tom Gilman Chevchick noticed the dog, and he went after him using a paddle board.

“I was out there with him probably for about 45 minutes just trying to move him into shore. He was so big. I mean, his head is just gigantic, but you could also tell he was very young and very scared,”Chevchick stated.

Bailey was eventually forced to the shoreline by it.

“He was so tired when he got out of the water, he literally couldn’t stand up straight and the weight of his own body was collapsing him down,”Chevchick stated. 

Bailey then ran off and made his escape into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. He made it to Lower Manhattan unharmed.

Bailey’s adventure wasn’t done yet. Somehow he wound up in a second tunnel — the Holland Tunnel, which leads to New Jersey.

The dog ended up at the top of a Jersey City parking garage.

When he was finally captured, Red Hook Dog Rescue brought him to the emergency veterinary  hospital with a nasty leg wound. Bailey doesn’t like people, which is his fundamental problem.

“I can pet him now. I just started petting him this week,”A rescue worker stated. 

Bailey is now moving to the countryside, where he will continue his rehabilitation before being placed with a forever-family.