New Jersey Woman Claims Dunkin’ Coffee Hot Coffee Has Severely Burned her: Lawsuit


It’s been 30 years since a jury awarded a woman $3 million when she was severely burned by McDonald’s hot coffee. Now, Dunkin’ is facing a lawsuit after a New Jersey woman ended up on a stretcher when she was scalded by coffee at the drive-thru. 

Samantha Picklo was left with burns to more than 30% of her body after the incident.

“Her legs are all burned up. There’s skin coming completely off her legs from the degree of the burns,”Picklo’s spouse says it in the police bodycam footage.

Picklo ordered three cups of black coffee to go at Delran’s store. Picklo was handed a tray by an employee who held the coffees in front of her car’s window.

“Before I could even get the cup carrier from his hands, it just was falling forward. The shock was unbelievable,”Picklo shared Inside Edition.

Picklo stated that her pants were absorbing the coffee spilled and were making it worse. Picklo ripped the pants off and called 911.

Cops went inside to question the person who was serving the coffee. Picklo said Picklo was having breakfast, and he grabbed the coffee with one of his hands. Picklo then spilled the coffee.

“She moved her coffee to the other seat, and suddenly the coffee fell down on her legs,”The employee stated.

“Did the coffee spill when you handed it to her?”An officer asked.

“No,”The employee stated.

So, how hot is the coffee served at Dunkin’? Inside Edition tested several, and one of them reached 169°F.

Picklo has filed suit. She is asking for the company to make taller trays with handles and higher sides.

“If this [type of tray] had been used, Samantha would not have been horribly burned,” her lawyer Paul D’Amato says.

Dunkin’ told Inside Edition they don’t comment on pending legal matters.

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