New Jersey Woman in Labor Marries at Hospital Before Giving Birth


New Jersey bride surprised when she went into labour while getting ready to get married. It led to big changes and a ceremony in the hospital.

Raquel Bruno’s water broke 45 minutes before she and the groom, Raymond Bansemer, were scheduled to tie the knot on Halloween.

“I was very shocked. I was in the middle of applying my makeup, had a half-face of makeup on and the water broke and I ran to the bathroom. And I couldn’t believe it, I’m like, no this is not happening. But it did,” Bruno told Inside Edition. 

They were still unmarried and rushed to Perth Amboy’s hospital. 

“It was important to us, especially since we were engaged prior to the baby coming, we wanted to be married, husband and wife, having a baby,” Bruno said.

The expectant mom’s request was not to be denied. Nadia Aurora, a medical resident went online and got ordained. The ceremony was performed in the hospital.

Bruno’s wedding dress now consisted of hospital sheets.

“It was amazing what the hospital staff did to make sure our special day still happened, and they did such a wonderful job,” Bruno said.

She gave birth a beautiful girl named Lillith.