New Orleans Grandma, Beloved, Killed after Losing an Arm in Brutal Carjacking


Authorities say that a group of teenagers are being accused of assaulting and carjacking a woman aged 73 years old. Her arm was cut before she died at the scene.

Linda Frickey, a grandmother of four, was leaving her job at a New Orleans insurance company when three teens apparently started casing her silver Nissan. 

Surveillance cameras captured the horrific attack.

Two teenagers opened the doors to the passenger and driver sides. The driver-side suspect appeared to kick and punch Frickey. Female accomplices then jumped into the backseat.

A second later, one of them jumped out. But the driver continued on with Frickey still in the car.

Police say Frickey was tangled in her seatbelt as the teens sped off, and she was dragged for an entire block. Her arm was cut and she died on the spot.

“For them to brutally start beating on her, mace her, pull her out the car. Just could not believe that Linda was murdered,” Frickey’s sister, Jinny Lynn Griffin, told Inside Edition.

Kathy Richard, a sister-in law, is in a funk. “It’s so deliberate, cruel,”She said.

The family had recently celebrated Frickey’s 73rd birthday.

Police released surveillance footage from the suspects. After their families turned them over, four teenagers were detained on Monday. 

The location of the carjacking was approximately 13 blocks from where the vehicle was found.

Carjackings are on the rise in major cities, including New York City and Chicago.

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