New Zealand Couple Hopes Their Massive Potato, Named Doug, Will Be Certified as the World’s Largest


Doug. Doug is what Donna Craig-Brown and Colin Craig-Brown, both from New Zealand, have named their giant potato. The world’s largest potato. Or at least that’s the hope of the couple.

Colin Craig-Brown stated that they were just weeding the garden when Doug appeared.

“I got the fork in and jabbed it and hoicked it out of the ground and ‘holy snapping turtle teeth, what’s going on here?’ And I was like ‘what is it?'”He stated.

“I said to Donna, ‘no it’s a potato’ and she went ‘no,’ I said ‘yeah it is.'”

An 11-pound potato from England is currently the Guinness record holder in terms of largest potato. Doug is 17.4 pounds.

The Craig Browns are still waiting to hear whether Doug will receive the Guinness World Record certification. Doug is currently chilling in his freezer while they wait. 

“If we have it confirmed, there will be a celebration,” Donna said.

But Colin has other plans — making potato vodka. “Actually, I’ve been thinking,”He stated. “Since I’m a bit of a hobbyist homebrewer, I’m thinking about a special vodka.”

If you’re wondering where Doug got his name, it’s because they “dug” him up.

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