Newlyweds Speak Out: They Are Being Charged $570 For Dozen Oysters, 1 beer, and 1 cocktail at Mykonos Restaurant


Couple from Canada who were on honeymoon in Greece received a $570 bill. “a quick snack,”They agreed.

Alex Breen (30 and Lindsay Breen) were on their honeymoon on Mykonos, a beautiful Greek island. While there, they stopped at a restaurant to get a light snack.

Inside Edition told them the place looked like a “regular restaurant”They ordered 12 oysters, as well as a beer for Alex, and a cocktail for Lindsay. The bill came out to $571.34.

Inside Edition was told by the couple that this is what the restaurant does intentionally and they felt scammed.

The Breens aren’t the only ones. A mother and her daughter visited the same restaurant, and they were both charged $600 for a single order of crab legs.

Lindsay warns tourists from all over the globe that they were being gouged. “be aware of where you are dining.”

According to The Greek City Times the restaurant was fined approximately $30,000. The restaurant denies any wrongdoing.


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