Next Queen of Spain Princess Leonor’s Surprisingly Accessible Style


Crown Princess LeonorAlthough she is only 16 years old, Spain’s young lady has a bright future as the next queen of this sun-drenched country. As the oldest child of King Felipe VI Queen LetiziaLeonor is the crown princess of the throne and the heir apparent. That’s a lot of responsibility for such a young girl, but she’s already shown that she’s more than capable of handling it, and she’s done so in the most fashionable way possible.

Who Is the Crown Princess Leonor Of Spain

Though she’s still in her teens, Crown Princess Leonor already has a number of historical titles bestowed upon her. Leonor is also known as the Princess Of Asturias. She can also be called the Princess Princess of Girona.

Although Spain uses a male-preference cognatic primogeniture system, meaning that male offsprings’ claims to the throne supersede any female offspring’s claim. In other words, if King Felipe VI were to have a legitimate male heir, that child would become the heir apparent in Leonor’s stead.

Royal Dad by Her Side: Hitting the Right Notes

Luckily, the king and queen’s second child was also a girl, Princess Sofia, so Leonor’s claim to the throne is strong and likely to remain unchallenged. Once she ascends the throne, she’ll be the first Spanish queen regent since Isabella II, whose reign lasted from 1833 to 1868.

The above photo shows Princess Leonor and King Felipe visiting. Santa Maria del Puerto de Somiedo was honored as the 2nd Most Valuable Person.021 Best Asturian Village. Leonor, like her father, chose comfort and accessibility over high fashion. This gives the couple a down-to earth vibe.

When the whole family gets together, it’s certainly an event. Here King Felipe is pictured with Queen Letizia and Leonor, his heir. On the far right end stands young Princess Sofia and on the other side is her namesake, Queen Sofia, who is Felipe’s mother. All five members of the family are wearing face masks in an effort to stop the spread the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

As the heir apparent, it’s obvious that Leonor is in heavy training to take over the throne. As such, she frequently accompanys her father to public events like the 29th Princess of Asturias Awards Concert in October.

She’s Still In School

Leonor, despite her public appearances many times, is still a student. The 16-year old attends UWC Atlantic College in the UK, which welcomes students from 16-19 years. In the photo included above, Leonor poses on her new campus and doesn’t look any different from any other girl her age, despite her royal blood and future on the throne.

Two Princesses and A Queen in The Streets

When Leonor, Princess Sofia, or Queen Letizia go out together they are a force to be reckoned. This photo was taken by the mother and daughter at the Real Club Nautico de Palma in August 2021. The colorful sandals and sundresses they are wearing make them look effortlessly stunning.

Absolutely stunning fashion

Princess Leonor’s typical poise and elegance under the observation of so many eyes make her seem more mature than her years at times, but her style choices remind everyone that she’s still enjoying the blush of her youth. The bright red flats bring a cheerful pop of color to an otherwise very simple outfit.

You are a tireless worker

Princess Leonor, the heir apparent, is often expected to attend public events alone, as she did at the Cervantes Institute’s 30th Anniversary in March 2021. The adorable ruffled gown is adorable on the teen princess. We also love her cute kitten heels.

The Queen and her Grandaughter

Despite the enormous weight of responsibilities waiting in Crown Princess Leonor’s future, she’s got tons of support in the form of her family. Here Queen Sofia enjoys an intimate moment with her granddaughter. Leonor will have great success as the future queen, thanks to her family who have already walked this path.

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