NFL Owner Sued by Sister and Accused of “Misogynistic” Behavior


As part of a continuing legal battle for control of the NFL, a sister sued an NFL owner. ESPN claims that ESPN says ESPN is the best.Dean Spanos, Los Angeles Chargers owner, was accused “misogynistic” behavior, “delf-dealing”And it’s repeated “breaches of fiduciary duty by Dea Spanos Berberian, who is seeking sole control of a family trust that includes more than one-third of the Chargers’ ownership. The lawsuit that was filed at San Joaquin County Superior Court asks for the removal of Spanos as co-trustee. 

Berberian accuses brothers Dean and Michael Spanos of acting  “Out of their deeply held misogynistic views and sense of entitlement, as well as their deep-rooted misogynistic beliefs… and to rationalize the pitiable behaviour which she believes was intended to teach her that women have no rights, no mater what trust instrument may say.” The lawsuit goes on to say that  Dean and Michael “Believe to your core that men are in control, no matter what their parents or wills say.

Dean Spanos is accused in a scheme to divert $105 million from the trust for various debts. He allegedly used the trust to obtain more than $60 million. “for the wasteful purchase of an airplane for Dean’s and Michael’s use that has no legitimate business justification.”

Spanos, Berberian, and their siblings, Alexandra Spanos Ruhl and Michael Spanos Ruhl each own 15% of Chargers franchise. The family trust owns 36% and non-family members own 4%. Alex Spanos, their father, purchased the team in 1984. Dean Spanos assumed control of the franchise in 1994. Berberian applied to the Los Angeles County Superior Court for the sale of the team in April 2021. According to the petition: “The Trust’s Interest in the Chargers must be sold so that debts can be discharged, the hemorrhaging can stop, the speculation and risk can be eliminated, and the beneficiaries can actually enjoy the benefit of their inheritance as the settlors intended.”

“If Dea no longer wishes to be part of this family legacy, the three of us stand ready to purchase her share of the franchise, as our agreements give us the right to do,”They made that statement in a statement. “In the meanwhile, the operations of the Chargers will be entirely unaffected by this matter, which relates only to the 36 percent share of the team that was owned by our parents.”