Nia Long Reacts to Fiancé Ime Udoka Leading Boston Celtics to NBA Finals


One of the most passionate fans of the Boston Celtics is excited to be heading to the NBA Finals. Nia Long is engaged to Celtics head coaching Ime Udoka. She posted a tweet showing her jumping and shouting after the team defeated Miami Heat in Game 7 at the Eastern Conference Finals. And on Instagram, Long posted a photo of her fiancé and wrote “Speechless….patience and purpose.”

Long, 51, has been with Udoka, 45, since 2010, and they share a son. They were engaged in 2015. However, Essence has been told long ago that she has no plans to marry anytime soon. “Love is complicated, let’s just start there,”Long time ago. “And then you start a marriage, which I’ve never been married. And there’s a reason for that because I don’t know that I need to say ‘I do’ to prove to you that I love you. But also, what does marriage really [mean]… that you own me now and I own you? I don’t get that part.”

Long will support Udoka, the Celtics and the Golden State Warriors as they take on the Golden State Warriors in Thursday’s NBA Finals. The Celtics seek to win their 18th overall title and first since 2008. The Warriors want to win their seventh overall title, and fourth since 2015. Long spoke exclusively with last year about Udoka being the Celtics’ head coaching coach. 

“I’ll never forget the moment,”The actress stated. “We were sort of waiting for the call all week. I was anxious. He’s always calm, like totally calm. I’m cleaning, folding laundry, cooking, because I’m just so nervous. I had to keep myself busy. And I was on a call and I got off the call. I was actually on a call about The Best Man and I got off the call. And I looked down the hallway and he just smiled and shook his head in the yes position. And I ran down the hall and jumped on him. And I think I almost, probably, broke his back. Extra 15 from COVID is not easy to catch.”  Udoka is in his first season with the Celtics and after spending the last nine years as an assistant with the San Antonio Spurs, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets.