Nick Cannon Responds to Outpouring of Support in Wake of Infant Son’s Death


Nick Cannon is expressing gratitude Wednesday for the outpouring of support he’s getting in the wake of his infant son’s death from brain cancer.

“The onslaught of love and care — it’s brand new to me, so I’m dealing with it. So thank you, thank you. That’s all I can say,” Cannon said.

His 5-month-old son, Zen, suffered from hydrocephalus, a condition one out of 770 babies will develop.

Audience members offered their condolences, and fans also flooded Cannon’s Twitter feed with 3,000 messages.

Cannon also acknowledged Zen’s mom, fashion model Alyssa Scott, who chronicled her pregnancy on social media and posted videos of their son.

“Thank you for being that strength and being that rock. Love to Alyssa and love to each and every mother that has ever had to lose a child,” Cannon said.

As part of the healing process, Cannon invited therapist Dr. Laura Berman on yesterday’s show, when he first shared the heartbreaking news. 

“Everyone in this country is grieving in some way right now, because of what we’ve all collectively been through. So for Nick to be a model of a man who is openly expressing his pain and how to be with that pain is an unbelievable gift,” Berman said. 

Berman could relate to Cannon’s loss — her son died of a drug overdose last February.

“I’ll share whatever wisdom I can, and hope that both of us can share it with the rest of the world,” Berman said.

Cannon, who has six other children, says he’s taking it one day at a time.

“I didn’t wanna put this suit on today, but I put it on and it made me feel better once I put it on,” Cannon said.