Nicki Minaj’s Husband Convicted of Assault


Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty is facing legal issues again regarding his behavior. TMZAccording to reports, the head of security at Minaj’s concert in Germany in 2019 is suing the couple. He claims that Petty punched him in the jaw and broke his jaw. Thomas Weidenmuller claims Minaj verbally attacked a female security officer, calling her a “f—— b—-“The entire incident was recorded. Weidenmuller claimed that the security guard began to cry and that he then went to Minaj. She replied, allegedly “Who do you think you are?”He threw a shoe at me.

Although Weidenmuller was not hurt in the interaction, he was brought back to Minaj’s room and while Minaj screamed at her, Petty “came out of nowhere”He was sucked into his mouth, breaking his jaw. According to Weidenmuller’s account, he had to have 8 surgeries on his jaw to fix it. Now, he has five plates in his mouth. To fully repair his jaw, he will require six additional operations. He is suing Petty & Minaj for damages and the large medical bills.

This news comes on the heels of the news earlier this month that Jennifer Hough, who accused Petty of sexual assault, voluntarily dismissed the case against the rapper on Wednesday –– without receiving any sort of financial settlement to dissolve the situation. Nicki’s husband is still a defendant in this case. But that doesn’t stop Petty from going after Hough over her legal fees.

Hough filed the lawsuit in August 2021, just one month before she finally decided to publicly speak on the harassment she faced at the hands of her alleged abuser. “I’m tired of being afraid. I feel like the actions that were taken in regards to this whole situation have put me in a different type of fear at my age now.”She also said, “The only way to continue not to be afraid is to speak up,”She spoke about her decision not to be anonymous The Real

“They [Nicki Minaj and Petty] were wrong and you can’t and shouldn’t do this to people,”She spoke out about the alleged harassment. “What they did to me and my family wasn’t okay. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter what your status is, you can’t intimidate people to make things go better for you, and that’s what they did.”

Hough claimed that she experienced traumatic effects after she began being harassed and abused by the couple.  “As a direct result of the actions of Defendant Minaj and Defendant Petty, [Hough] has been traumatized her entire life,”It says. “Plaintiff has moved to multiple states to avoid intimidation and harassment by Defendant Minaj, Defendant, and their allies, legal teams, and fans.”The article continues to state that she hasn’t worked since May 2020, due to her condition. “severe depression, paranoia, constant moving, harassment and threats from the defendants and their associates.”She began to live in her new home. “isolation out of fear of retribution.”

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