Nicola Peltz Beckham Reflects upon People Who “Hurt My Heart”


Nicola Peltz Beckham wants the world to know that’s it’s okay not to feel okay. 

The Transformers star, 27, wasn’t afraid to show vulnerability in a poignant Instagram postAbout how she deals with people who bring her down and difficult days. Nicola also included a series photos of her looking teary-eyed while lying on a bed with a stuffed pet. 

“Sometimes I find it hard to show the sad bits of me,”She captioned the Aug. 5 post. “Growing up with seven siblings and two very strong parents, made me really tough, they hammered it into me to not let people bring me down or hurt my heart. It made me put such a wall up to protect myself especially in this industry.” 

She hopes to remove this barrier as she moves forward.

“We all have days where people make you feel bad and it’s okay to be hurt by it,”She continued. “I just thought I would write something because I never show this side of me here. I wanted to show this side of me. I love you all so much and truly appreciate all of your support.”  

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