Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata are expecting their fifth child together after last year’s wedding


Nicolas Cage, who will turn 58 in September, has announced that he’s expecting a child with his fifth wife Riko Shibata (27 years old).

People was told by the publicist of the couple that they have not announced a due day or sex. ““The parents-to-be are elated!”

This will be Nicolas’s third child and Riko’s first, the actor has two other children from previous relationships, 16-year-old Kal-El and 31-year-old Weston, who is four years older than his stepmom.

The 57-year-old movie icon married the 27 year old in February 2021 , they had an extravagant wedding in Las Vegas – she’ s his fifth wife.

At the time of their wedding, the ‘Ghost Rider’ actor said in a statement, “It’s true, and we are very happy.”

The parents-to-be first met in Shiga, Japan and have been together shortly after Nicolas’s tragic previous marriage to Erike Koike had ended in 2019 – Nicholas and Erike marriage only lasted for four days.

The Hollywood filmmaker has had many marriages, he was married to Patricia Arquette from 1995 to 2001, Lisa Marie Presley from 2002 to 2004 and Alice Kim from 2004 to 2016.

In the modern era, it has been reported that Nicolas proposed to Riko via FaceTime, and had sent her ring by FedEx to her homeland, Japan.

Speaking in a podcast in August 2020, he said: ““She left New York and went back to Kyoto, Japan, and I went back to Nevada and I haven’t seen her for six months,”

“We’re really happy together and we’re really excited to spend that time together so I finally just said, ”Look, I wanna marry you” and we got engaged on FaceTime.”

Their public debut was made in February 2020, when Nicholas took Riko, then his girlfriend to New Orleans to see the tomb that he had famously bought for himself in 2010.

They made a rare red carpet appearance in November at the 2021 GQ Men of The Year party in West Hollywood.

Riko Shibata is a 27-year-old actress, model, and internet personality and of Asian-American/Japanese ethnicity.

The Japanese actress walked down her aisle last February in a handmade Japanese bridal kimono.

She walked down to her during the special occasion. “favorite song,” Kiroro‘s “Winter Song,”Nicolas met her in person wearing a Tom Ford suit.

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