Nicole Kidman at War with Meg Ryan


Do Meg Ryan Nicole KidmanDo they hate one another? Surprisingly, a shocking report suggests that their rivalry has been going back decades. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Meg And Nicole At War!’

A Woman’s DayExclusive sheds light on decades-old rivalry between Kidman and Ryan. There’s a “horrendous”Ryan biopic is floating around Hollywood. An insider says, “Biopics are all the rage at the moment and moviemakers think Meg’s story of her rise, all and relationships with Dennis Quaid, Russell Crowe, and John Mellencamp is worth telling.”

Ryan doesn’t like the idea and is making a legal fuss about it. Unfortunately, Kidman, Ryan’s rival, is interested. Crowe was warned against Ryan by Kidman. He did it anyway, but the love wouldn’t last. A source explains, “Russell was a complete mess. Nicole will never forgive Meg for doing that to her friends.”

Ryan’s resentment grew because of the erotic thriller The Cut. Kidman produced the 2003 film, but she was not selected for the starring role. It was a total box office bomb and irreparably damaged Ryan’s career. “A part of her feels she was stitched up when Nicole… maneuvered out of that role and left it for her.” Doing a Ryan biopic would be an act of revenge for Kidman, so Ryan’s doing everything she can to stop it.

Where’s The History?

This is a very wild story since Meg Ryan (and Nicole Kidman) have virtually no history together. Kidman was forced to leave. In The Cut A knee injuryRyan was elated to have the opportunity. She spoke to the New York TimesYears later, “I was so happy when Meg Ryan got that chance…I suppose having Meg step in and do something she’d never had the chance to do was exciting for her.” These two were contemporaries for years, but they’ve always stayed out of each other’s ways.

That doesn’t sound like the words of a blood rival willing to face a lawsuit just so she could make a disparaging biopic. Many details in this story are also false. Biopics aren’t so much All the rageThey are what they are It is always in style. Biopics made up some of the first Best Picture Winners. Plus, there’s no hint of a Ryan biopic to be found anywhere.

Silly Stories

It has created numerous feuds with Kidman through this tabloid, some of which were completely false. It created a rivalry between Margot Robbie in 2019 and another feud against Reese Witherspoon in 2019. So far, neither side had any evidence to back up its claims. Gossip CopThey were both busted.

The silliest among all Woman’s DayThe feud between Kidman, Keith Urban, and Kidman is called the Keith Urban feud. Apparently, they’re fighting because she works with men. These stories are only thin and plain dumb. Ryan and Kidman don’t eat beef so this is false.