Niecy Nah Gratitudes Daughter for Helping her Cope with Role in Dahmer Show


Dahmer This is one of the most popular Netflix projects right now. Millions of people are tuning in to see the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer. The show can be hard to watch at times, and Niecy Nah recently admitted that filming it was difficult. 

Nash Calls For Role ‘My Most Challenging Job To Date’

Dahmer was my most challenging job to date,”Nash captioned an Instagram post. “Had to lean into my joy HARD during the filming process.”Attached was an attached video with clips and photos from her time at the set, along with a message. 

Nash wrote “People ask, how did I make it through filming Dahmer? My love JB [wife Jessica Betts] was my rock, I was also filming Reno at the same time, my daughter Dia is funny and was a bright light who brought me joy on set & my girl Cardi B!”She also thanked Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters in her caption. 

She shows Peters photos in her Instagram video Reno 911! Castmates, as well as a video showing her daughter Dia and Teshi Thomas in a dressing-room. “I can’t even focus on what I’ve gotta do next cause they won’t shut up,”In the video clip, Nash laughs. 

Nash’s followers were very complimentary of her role in Dahmer. “And u killlled itttttttt,”One person wrote. “I was literally standing at my tv screen the whole first episode.”Another comment: “You are a TRIUMPH!! And that’s on God… literally!”

The actress plays Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer’s neighbor, who is suspicious of the then-unknown serial killer. She complains to police about her neighbor because she hears and smells awful odors from his house and is often disturbed by the screaming.

‘Dahmer’It’s controversial and being criticized

Niecy Nash is now playing a darker role than her usual comedic comedy roles. Her Reno 911! Deputy Rainesha Williams was a character who dealt with lighter topics, although her ClawsDesna Simms played a more prominent role. While Dahmer is hugely popular, it is also controversial, with family members of the killer’s real life victims speaking out against the show. 

Murphy and Netflix were criticized by their familiesFor not informing them that the show was on, for bringing up distressing memories of their deceased loved ones and for including inaccuracies within the story. 

The cast’s efforts are still earning praise. For her role in the film, Nash is receiving critical acclaim. Dahmer, but it’s no surprise the actress found the material challenging. It’s good to know Nash had so many loved ones to lean on while making the dark series. 

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