Nightclub staff reveal ‘random things’ they find after shifts – including shoes


One nightclub worker left viewers puzzled after they revealed what they discovered at the venue after a wild night.

Glasgow Garage’s employee, who claims to be Scotland’s busiest, biggest and best nightclub posted a TikTok video showing the situation. “things found in the club at the end of the night”.

The staff member put on a plastic glove and walked around the premises to see what they could find on the floor – including a phone charging cable, “endless passports”Jewelry, clothing and jewelry items like a black down jacket.

There were also other items that they didn’t expect to find. They discovered a set of mini playing cards and a cracked iPhone. A full-sized perfume spray was also found.

The workers cleaned the dance floor at the end of the shift and they shared what they found on TikTok
Workers cleaned the dance floor after each shift, and shared their findings on TikTok

They even took a tampon that was not used and laughed: “Mother nature calls.”

A single, heeled shoe was found in the corner not far from the place they found the tampon.

Viewers were stunned, and they said that they could. “never understand how someone loses one shoe”.

One wrote: “Someone is gonna wake up the next day like ‘where the heck is my boot at’.”

Viewers were surprised that people lost one shoe at a nightclub
People lost their shoes at a nightclub, a surprise to many viewers.

The staff spotted a pack of 'Jungle' mini playing cards on the floor
Staff noticed a package of mini “Jungle” playing cards lying on the floor.

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A second: “How you walking out of the club without a shoe.”

Others thought it would be worse, and asked if it was possible to post more.

“You should do a series,” a fan penned. “Best video I’ve seen all day, I miss going out.”

The staff said they usually picked up 'endless passports' at the club
Staff claimed that they would often pick up ‘endless passports’ at the club.

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The fourth: “Honestly I thought it would be worse than this, I’m surprised there was no baggies or underwear or the dreaded puke in a glass.”

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