Nocturnal tornado rips through US as Amazon Warehouse collapses and ‘people trapped’


A nocturnal tornado is causing havoc in the US, ripping through an Amazon Warehouse in Illinois and causing buildings to collapse across multiple states.

It’s feared many people are ‘trapped’ amid rubble following the tornado’s path of destruction.

Southern Illinois Fire Incidents posted an update stating seven rescue stations had rushed to a “structure collapse” at an Amazon warehouse on Gateway Commerce Drive.

It’s feared up to 150 people may be trapped inside after part of the roof collapsed on Friday night, however, this is yet to be confirmed by emergency services.

Local news reports emergency scanners are responding to “multiple people are trapped, 50 to 100 people are trapped”, in the early call-outs.

A large emergency response have rushed to the Amazon site in Illinois
A large emergency response have rushed to the Amazon site in Illinois

It’s reported on social media that Amazon employees are seeking shelter inside the distribution centre after part of the roof collapsed.

A photo from inside shows a crowd gathered in a dark warehouse site.
A witness wrote on Twitter: “I just drove through a tornado and watched an @amazon Warehouse collapse in half…

“Prayers for the ones trapped inside. I’m safe.”

Police at an Amazon warehouse hit by a suspected tornado
Police, fire and ambulances have rushed to the Amazon Warehouse

Preston TV News reported: Multiple first responders and crews now on scene in Edwardsville, Illinois, where workers are trapped, some feared dead, after possible tornado hit an Amazon warehouse, leading to a partial roof collapse.”

It comes after the tornado struck a nursing home in Arkansas earlier on in the evening, with reports that people have died.

Two people were killed and five others hurt, according to ABC’s KAIT news, at Monette Manor nursing home.

Two tornadoes and lightning strike Arkansas
Two tornadoes and lightning strike Arkansas

A picture from further away before it hit, shows two tornadoes touching ground and dark storm clouds above.

The photo was taken from the Bay area of Arkansas, where a state of emergency has been declared.

The terrifying scenes are part of the chaos that is emerging from the extreme weather.

Around 20 people were trapped at the facility, which has 90 beds, after the freak weather moved through the Mississippi County area.

Another building was severely damaged in Leachville, Arkansas
Another building was severely damaged in Leachville, Arkansas

Photos from the scene show debris covering the car park and major damage to the building.

Tornado and severe weather warnings remain in effect, after reports that the storm has hit Illinois and Missouri.

The states under major threat include Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, after damaging winds on Friday night move from the Rockies to the East Coast, writes ABC.

The freak storm is moving from the Rockies to the East Coast
The freak storm is moving from the Rockies to the East Coast

First responders from surrounding towns were heading to Monette as additional reports indicated local Adams Gin Company and Dollar General buildings in Leachville were “leveled” in the storms.

Damage to a fire station and nursing home with possible injuries were also reported in Trumann, southwest of Monette.

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