Noel Gallagher claims that if WW3 breaks out, he will ‘get involved.


Noel Gallagher stated that he would “get involved”He’s willing to fight if World War III breaksout.

54-year-old Oasis singer announced that he would buy guns and camouflage gear if Russia threatened to invade the UK.

These comments were made after Noel unleashed a furious rant regarding Russia’s invasion Ukraine. This attack enters its 24th day.

Noel spoke to Matt Morgan on the Matt Morgan Podcast, where he shared his thoughts about the invasion.

Oasis singer and World War II history enthusiast, Oasis, declared that he would happily “get involved”Protect the country.

He stated to Matt: “If there was an invasion here you’d have to get involved.”

Noel Gallagher
Noel will defend the country in case of war

Noel was added: “I haven’t got any long-range weapons at my disposal but I could probably get a gun. I’d get out to Hampshire and I know a few people out there with shotguns and sub-machine guns.

“I would get out to Hampshire, I would access to the roof and before that I would order a load of telescopic stuff from Amazon, camouflage gear, a flask, some warm weather long johns and sit on the roof and listen to the radio and shoot anything that f***ing moved.”

Noel was furious about Russia’s invasion in Ukraine

Noel, who lives on a large estate in Hampshire’s peaceful countryside, looked into his strategy in case the Russians attacked the UK.

He stated that: “My roof is a bit higgledy-piggledy it’s not like a helipad and my house is on a hill so I can see for f***ing miles.

“A man lives near me and is an armed police officer. I would say to him, “You got any of those guns you were showing me that morning?”

Noel Gallagher
Noel’s debut at Glastonbury was almost three years ago

High Flying Birds’ frontman will be returning to Glastonbury on Saturday, June 25, to perform at the Pyramid Stage.

Wonderwall’s lead singer stated that if there were an attack on the country, it would be after his Glastonbury performance.

He stated: “We’ve just had Covid restrictions thrown out of the door and now, ‘Oh there’s going to be a war is there? Nice one. F***ing hell.’ Can we not have six months? Can we not have the summer off … Can we not have Glastonbury first and then go to war?”

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