Norah O’Donnell Reportedly On CBS Chopping Block, Being Replaced By Former Anchor, Industry Gossip Says


CBS is looking to leave Norah O’DonnellFor another reporter? Rumor has it, O’Donnell’s slot on the Evening NewsIt is not safe. Here’s the latest network gossip from the tabloids.

CBS Hires An Anchor To Reduce Costs

In January, the National Enquirer reported CBS was ready to part ways with Norah O’Donnell since the pricey reporter wasn’t living up to her expensive contract. According to sources, the network was already considering a new program. “far less seasoned and expensive”Reporter to replace her. Because it was still behind ABC and NBC in ratings, the network needed a change. “When you’re in third place and they tell you you’re safe, don’t believe them,” a snitch warned. “They told Katie Couric she was safe too—and look what happened to her!”

But we weren’t convinced by this story. CBS co-president Neeraj Khemlani insisted O’Donnell wasn’t going anywhere. Khemlani excitedly announced that the broadcast was. “the closest it has been to its competitors in 27 years.” And when asked about O’Donnell, he added, “We have no current plans to change what we are doing. We’re leaning into our strength.” So, it didn’t really look like the tabloid was well-informed.

Norah O’Donnell’s Replacement Is Ready?

Then, National Enquirer doubled down on the story, insisting that the network was already shopping around for O’Donnell’s replacement. Sources said the network actually approached former NBC News anchor Brian Williams with an offer to take O’Donnell’s spot. “Norah is both humiliated and livid they’re offering her job around—let alone to a guy who lost his anchor gig after lying about being under fire during the invasion of Iraq,”An insider’s dish.

This story was a little bit of a saga. We usually agree with the Get in touch‘s reporting with a grain of salt—or rather, a heaping spoonful—this story about Brian Williams seemed to be genuine. That being said, the tabloid really couldn’They offer speculation only. O’Donnell is still at the network, so we weren’t sure what to make of these developments.

Norah O’Donnell Too Expensive For CBS?

We took a look at the Globe‘s reporting on the matter for a bit more clarity. Not too long ago, the tabloid echoed many of the same concerns about O’Donnell’s position. It insisted O’Donnell was just too big an expense for what she offered to the network. “Neeraj is charged with bringing down costs and boosting profits and he does not understand why the Evening new is in DC,”One tipper noted.

But after a bit of time, it became clear that CBS wasn’t ditching O’Donnell. In fact, in January, the network announced that it would be rebranding its streaming services with O’Donnell and Gayle King at the helm. And considering how King’s contract was even more pricey than O’Donnell’s rumored $8 million salary, it even looked like O’Donnell was due for a raise.

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